Monday, February 2, 2009

Considering our students

Here is a video that was recorded at LIANZA 2008 conference: Poropitia: Outside the Box. Liz Wilkinson from Learning Services at Auckland University Library outlines an information literacy package "Te Punga" that uses online graphic novels and simulations to introduce students to the library catalogue. Her approach to addressing student learning styles and enagement is well worth considering.


te rohe said...

Thanks for sharing this, Simon. I have played with that tutorial - it has been up for a wee while now. I still have my doubts, though, that we might be over-estimating the computer literacy levels of our users. I know its fashionable to label the digital divide a myth in the developed world, but my experience tells me it still exists. It is just that the divide is no longer so much about resources as it is about skills and affinity with the electronic world. Using Facebook and other social networking sites does not necessarily mean a person has a wide range of computer skills.

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