Friday, October 10, 2008

The use of the Blog as a communication tool is increasing both in discussion and through output from staff at the University of Otago Library.

The active blogging that I’m currently aware of include:

A library assistant is recording his reflections on his involvement and learning in a Digital Information Literacy project

Staff at the Education Library are recording their progress in developing an orientation programme for first year College of Education students

The Remote Services Librarian is experimenting with a blog as a tool to foster a networked community for distance students

A Librarian involved in a project modeling the roving librarian in a learning commons where a new medical curriculum maintains a closed blog to record his experiences

A team involved in training library staff in web 2.0 utilise a blog as a demonstration tool

Following a visit from a Librarian from Auckland there has been some consideration and discussion of the role of the blog as a complement to the library newsletter, and as a regular informative update to faculty.

Examples on the range of uses of blogs in academic libraries are listed here

I have also been aware of how this blog has been evolving with some staff reminding me that I had not posted for some time. While other work pressures have kept me busy, I’ve also been concerned that I post something timely and actually worth sharing. Considering this there are some useful tips on ways to improve blogs in this post by Chris Brogan.

What is interesting is that since my last post Google analytics
have recorded over 212 hits from 129 people in 22 countries despite no new content being added. (Over half of these are new visitors.)

Blog on...

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Sarah Stewart said...

following your blog and have enjoyed your posts. I would certainly love to read more