Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Research cycle

This year i've been starting each research skills workshops by displaying this model of the research cycle.

I'm asking the participants to reflect upon the research process in stages and to consider where they need to specifically develop their skills.

I then encourage them to set a learning goal for the session based on which skill(s) they wish to develop. These are shared with the group and throgh the session I make sure that I specifically address each goal.

I often go back to the model throughout the session. Near the end of the session we reconsider each goal to see if these have been met. If, for what ever reason, they have not been met then new learning goals and strategies are set to be worked on beyond the workshop. So far the feedback has been nothing but positive.

The model and process is adapted from the work of Lesley Ngatai featured in her article, "Beyond Searching: Information Literacy for Postgraduate Engineering".

Erika Pearson has suggested that I develop this model further by applying hypertext links at each stage to then link to a variety of tools and resources.

So, really it's a work in progress. Any comments or ideas would be welcomed.

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